The The second internal moot court competition is going to be held on 5th October, 2013, at Room No.- 8 from 5: 30 pm onwards. Students are requested to compulsorily register their names at the office as quickly as possible so that a complete list of all the participants can be made and slots allotted for smooth functioning. Also, those who were part of the first internal moot court competition please feel free to register yourselves too.

Please spread the word forward. The moot court panel has been formed after the first moot court competition and this is the FINAL and LAST opportunity to include yourself in the committee- A different league. Going forward, only those who are part of the committee shall be entitled to take part in the moots.


Attached to this mail (visit or for the problem) is the
moot problem, the case which is to be argued by the students.

Rules and Regulations:

1.A team of definite THREE people shall be mandatory to participate in the competition. The team must consist of a researcher and two speakers. Every team must prepare a memorial consisting of 3 pages. Two memorials shall be prepared - one for the plaintiff and the other for the defendant. A copy of each memorial has to be submitted to the judges one day before the competition. This can be submitted in the staff room. (Prof. Alok Kumar).
2.A draw of lots would decide which team would be representing the defendant or the appellant.
3. The time to be allotted for presenting the case would be 15 minutes including time for rebuttals which would be three minutes. The time of twelve minutes and the questions of law to be raised must be divided equally between the two speakers.
4.Paper Specifications: Font- Times New Roman, Size- 11, Spacing 1.5, Margins- Normal word,

Note: Students are requested to be on time as we want to complete the proceedings on time. As has
been instructed by Professor B.T. Kaul, Professor-in-Charge, all moot court proceedings have to be
strictly conducted as per schedule.

Date: 5th October, 2013
Venue: Room No. 8, Ground Floor
Time: Onwards.
Moot Court Convenor Head: Professor Kiran Gupta,
Student Moot Court Committee Convenor: Radhika Seth, Preseident
For any queries please contact Radhika Seth at